Enable your customers to save event tickets, store
cards, coupons and membership cards on their phones.

Real time interaction with your customers.

Update their mobile wallet passes sending real-time notifications about any changes. With your wallet passes, you can set up location-based or time-based notifications, or send notifications whenever the content of the pass has changed. 

epasshub is a cloud based application that allows businesses to create and distribute digital passes to their customers. We provide a scalable enterprise solution.

Available in both iOS and Android smartphones.

Utilize the most popular native wallet apps to distribute mobile passes to your customers.
The pass is optimized for the each platform, resulting in the best possible user experience. Stay always connected with your customer’s smartphones.


Special offers, discounts, gift
cards, credits for returned items

Event Ticket

Concert tickets, theatre / movie 
or other event admission ticket

Store Card

Market products, groceries, or other consumables

Generic Pass

Membership cards, 
businesses cards and more

Boarding Pass

Airplane, train, bus, boat tickets   

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Explore the epasshub key features

We provide a  user friendly experience.

Pass Designer
  • Minimize the time to design your digital pass
  • Use our pre-built templates
  • Use your branding elements for colors & logos
Pass Distribution
Share your digital passes through:
  • email
  • SMS
Pass Management
  • Edit & manage multiple pass types and designs
  • Set maximum quantity / expiration dates
  • Update passes
Pass Updates
  • Support dynamic fields, allowing to personalize pass with user-specific data
  • Integration with external data sources or APIs for real time information updates, such as loyalty credits
Pass Analytics
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard providing insights for pass creation, usage,downloads
  • Exportable reports
Push notifications
  • Send reminders, offers, and updates directly to your customer's phone
  • Trigger location or time relevant notifications
across different industries can benefit from using

Get inspired by the following use cases.

  • Student ID cards, Access card to facilities , campus event tickets (Schools / Universities)
  • Points of attractions: Digital tickets for museum, guided tour, site informations, city passes
  • Hotels: Reservation Status, Check-in Dates and Info, loyalty programs.
  • Cafe-Restaurants: Reservation, special promotions / loyalty programs.
  • Gym, Health Clubs, Yoga pilates Studios: Membership cards, class schedules, and facility information.
  • Loyalty program: Track points, rewards and membership benefits.
  • Coupons : Discount offers, promotions or in store events.
  • Gift Cards: Card balance and redemption options.
  • Concerts, Cinemas, Festivals: Digital tickets, event schedules, and venue information.
  • Sports Events: Game tickets and seating charts.
  • Conferences: Attendee passes and event schedules.
  • Airlines: Boarding passes and flight updates.
  • Trains and Buses: Digital tickets, route updates, and scheduling information.
  • Car rentals: Reservation details and vehicle pick-up instructions.

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